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    Before Gemma started her water work and teaching, she was an accomplished singer. She is most well known for her song WE RISE, the theme song of the Million Voice Choir where choirs in over 100 cities in 60 countries sang WE RISE from all over the globe on Sept 21, 2004. View the video below.

    WE RISE Million Voice Choir

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    A seasoned world traveler and an empathic storyteller, Gemma’s music reveals her wandering soul and roving experiences. Her sultry and velvet voice fused with her bold and adventurous spirit beckons audiences to join her on a musical journey being fearless and faithful - faithful and fearless - and everything in between. Gemma blends soul, R&B and jazz with her experience as a global humanitarian, bringing relevance and vulnerability to music that transcends melody and lyrics and inspires hope.

    Gemma has sung at clubs and festivals as a featured soloist and support vocals around the globe including House of Blues (Los Angeles), The Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center (NYC), The Village Gate (NYC), Madison Square Garden (NYC), Carnegie Hall (NYC), the United Nations (NYC) and many many more.

    Gemma has released three CDs highlighting her roots as an artist and emergence as a renaissance woman.

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    "Christmas Freak" Award-Winning Original Movie Soundtrack

    CD Produced by Gemma Bulos
    Release December 2021
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    1. Cool Christmas (studio cut)- Performed by Gemma (Written by S. Brown, G.Bulos and D.Snider)
    2. Jingle Bells (arranged by JT Roach)
    3. Rudolph the Reindeer Superhero - Performed by The New Carpenters (Written by S. Brown, G.Bulos)
    4. Misfit In - Performed by Gemma (Written by S. Brown, G.Bulos)
    5. Deck the Halls (Performed and arranged by JT Roach)
    6. Snowflakes (Written and performed by JT Roach)
    7. I Can't Even - Performed by The New Carpenters (Written by S. Brown, G.Bulos)
    8. You'll Always Be My Girl (Written and performed by JT Roach)
    9. Cool Christmas (film version)- Performed by Gemma (Written by S. Brown, G.Bulos and D.Snider)
    10. The Gift (Written and performed by JT Roach)
    11. Merry Christmas, Clarice! - Performed by The New Carpenters (Written by S. Brown, G.Bulos)
    12. Christmas is the Very Best Day - Performed by The New Carpenters (Written by S. Brown, G.Bulos)
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    good company

    CD Produced Live in Studio by J.Goff and E.Lawrence
    Release March 2021
    Purchase album here

    1. Tenderly - W.Gross, J.Lawrence)
    2. Moody's Mood (E.Jefferson)
    3. That's All (A.Brandt, B.Haymes)
    4. Company (A.Johnson, R.Jones)
    5. Better Than Anything (D.Wheat, B.Loughborough)
    6. I Believe in Love (K.Loggins, A.&M.Bergman)
    7. Woman Pennywise (S.Brown, R.Hausen, G.Bulos)
    8. Pieces of Dreams (M.Legrand, A.&M.Berman)
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    CD Produced by B.Hardin and G.Bulos
    Re-release Summer 2024

    • Simply You - J.R.James
    • Face Another Day - M.Macmullan
    • Rainman - J.R.James
    • Bridges - S.Brown and G.Bulos
    • Lights Begin To Fade - J.R.James
    • This Woman's Work - K.Bush
    • Invisible Man - G.Bulos
    • Let the Girls Sing - J.R.James
    • In My Sleep - G.Bulos
    • Open Wide - G.Bulos
    • When We Were Kings - A.Marvel, A.Powers, A.Roman
    • We Rise - G.Bulos
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    Gemma's diverse artistry shines brightly and is most expressive in live theater.

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    musical theater

    Gemma's love of the musical theater stage after over 27 years was re-ignited in Spring 2015 when she starred in Forbidden Broadway with OMG I Love That Productions! In 2015 alone Gemma starred in 7 different productions ranging from the villainous Childcatcher in Bay Area Children's Theater's TYA production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; award nominee Smokey Joe's Cafe at Chanticleers; two world premiere readings of new musical "The Four Immigrants" by MIn Kahng at Theaterworks, and Bottle shock the Musical at Fogg Theater in Napa.

    PHOTO: Gemma plays Rafreaky in "Forbidden Broadway'

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    improv theater

    PHOTO: Gemma's alter ego, Juicy.

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    Gemma performed at special storytelling events around the Bay Area

    PHOTO: Gemma is the special guest storyteller for the The Armando Troupe with Leela Improv